Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shout-Out: Mehdi Hasan: Islam is a Peaceful Religion

I don't have any movies to write up for the moment, but as I started this blog to spread acceptance of different races and religions, I wanted to post a video that I think will do a lot of good to that end. British journalist Mehdi Hasan weighs in on an Oxford University debate over the peacefulness of Islam, arguing the point—which I agree with—that Islam does indeed have peace at its core.

In a world where people who look like me or grew up in a Muslim family face scorn and derision on a daily basis, I found it refreshing to see such an intelligent voice encouraging people not to hate Muslims, especially with such trenchant and objective arguments.

As with any YouTube video, you probably shouldn’t read the comments. You should, however, follow Mehdi Hasan on Twitter.