Sunday, November 15, 2015

76 Links of Muslims Denouncing Terrorism

Update: I’ve already had people respond with something to the effect of, “Only 73?! What about all the other billion plus Muslims?” Several of these include lists of other Muslims speaking out. But more to the point, I shouldn’t have to provide literally over a billion links to almost every single Muslim in the world to make you understand the wrongness of bigotry and why you don’t get to pay back tragedy with genocide.

Muslims hear it all the time.

“Why haven’t Muslims condemned these attacks?”
“Why have Muslims remained silent?”
“Why haven’t Muslim leaders said anything?”

For expediency, let’s ignore the bigoted undercurrents inherent in presuming over 1.5 billion people as guilty unless they actively denounce the actions of less than 100,000 others who claim to share their faith. Let’s also ignore that ISIS has killed mostly Muslims who don’t share their opinions. Let’s then also ignore that ISIS has explicitly stated that they do what they do in the west to turn westerners against Muslims in the hopes of driving up ISIS’s numbers. So to actually answer these questions…

Muslims have denounced terrorism. Muslims do denounce terrorism. All day. Every day.

Nothing would make me happier than to denounce terrorism on national TV. Hell, I’d do it for free! I’d even pay my own airfare! But unfortunately, the media and people suffering from hate and confirmation bias have decided to rob Muslims of a microphone and accuse them of not speaking loud enough.

So to attempt to make up for it, I’ve prepared a list. This list, assembled from a few Google searches, contains every instance I could find (in an hour on fairly sluggish wi-fi) of Muslims denouncing terrorism, including four YouTube videos and seven other lists of Muslims denouncing terrorism!

The next time your racist unclei or some random YouTube comment-warrior decides to ask you why he hasn’t heard of Muslims speaking out, copy-paste this list to give them something to do. You won’t convince them (I’ve yet to meet a bigot with enough capacity for critical thinking for that), but at least they can keep doing this knowing it doesn’t have any connection to reality.

The List


Muslims Condemn Terrorism in General

Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks

Muslims Condemn ISIS/Daesh

Muslims Condemn 2015 Paris Attack

Muslims Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack

Muslims Condemn 2008 Mumbai Attack

Muslims Condemn 2005 London Attack

Muslims Condemn 9/11

Other Lists

Incidentally, I didn’t find it at all difficult to compile this list. Most of these came from simple Google searches. I leave it to you to decide what it says about a person that s/he finds it easier to hate over a billion people than use a search engine.

i And just in time for Thanksgiving, no less! Don’t say I never did anything for you!

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