Monday, March 25, 2013

Shout-Out: International Gorillay (1990) at TarsTarkas.NET

No film review at the moment. I just wanted to take a moment to encourage readers to check out TarsTarkas.NET’s review of International Gorillay, a silly no-budget Pakistani accidental comedy that portrays Salman Rushdie as a glorified James Bond villain and a bunch of brothers dressing up as Batman to get close enough to take him down. Along the way, Tars Tarkas writes an excellent history of The Satanic Verses, a side of Islamic history that I actually didn’t know much about myself.

You haven't lived until you’ve read a history of early Islam interwoven with hyper-macho VHS screenshots from some forgotten and now irrelevant invective against one author! Tars did a great job on this, so go read it!

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